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Permanent Cosmetics

Further Information

We in the permanent cosmetic industry have found that permanent cosmetic results can be unsuccessful on some skin types. These include clients with very oily skin and large open pores in the treatment area. We have also found some Alopecia and Chemotherapy patients tend to have uneven healing and poor colour retention.

Additional top up treatments may be required at a small cost, however it is strongly inadvisable to tattoo an area more than 3 times within the period of a year.

We never guarantee results but we will always use our best judgement to obtain the best result possible. If it is deemed that you are unsuitable for this treatment, you will be professionally advised during your consultation.

Pregnant or nursing mothers are not able to have permanent cosmetics.

What is the difference between microblading and machine method permanent cosmetics?

Both are a form of tattooing and achieve similar results. Microblading involves implanting pigment into the skin using a manual, hand held tool; whereas the machine method uses digital vibrations to implant the colour. Sometimes it may be beneficial to combine the two techniques.

Brows: Service

Eyebrow Enhancement

Correctly shaped brows frame and lift the eyes, making you look younger. 

What improvements can be made?

Short eyebrows can be lengthened, giving more definition to your eyes. Thin or sparse eyebrows can be given more fullness and a thicker shape. 

Lip Enhancement


This treatment can recreate the illusion of fuller lips and lift the mouth – giving the appearance of youthfulness.

What improvements can be made?

A barely there outline to give fullness to the lips; a darker outline which looks like make up; a lip ‘blush’ to give a gradual haze of subtle or deep colour across the lips, or a full lip tint to give the appearance of full lipstick.

Some women want the nude, natural look or just a liner so they can apply different shades of regular lipstick when they choose; whilst others want a bold colour to which they can just apply a lip gloss for a contemporary shine.

Eyeliner Enhancement


Although not something we are born with, using eyeliner has become an important make up essential for many women. An eyeliner enhancement is ideal for clients who wear eyeliner more often than not; those who have difficulty applying eye make up; allergy sufferers, those with poor eyesight or watery eyes.

What improvements can be made?

An eyeliner enhancement can create the illusion of thicker lashes, and to either give a soft, subtle hint of colour or a strong, striking finish. And permanent eye make up means no more smudges when you’ve been swimming or playing sports; during summertime or on holiday. 

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