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Permanent make up, eyebrows, face, lips, procedure

Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent cosmetics, also known as semi permanent make up, cosmetic tattooing, micro pigmentation and microblading. This cosmetic enhancement procedure uses advanced techniques to implant hypoallergenic pigments into the shallow layer of the skin. A process that mirrors natural looking eyebrows or perfectly applied make up that lasts many months, fading over time.


Permanent cosmetics can be as natural or as made-up as you want. Lorraine will work with you to achieve your desired look.

The treatment consists of two procedures carried out 4-6  weeks apart. The colour will be approximately 50% darker for up to a week afterwards. The area will become dry and flaky 3–7 days after the treatment.

You can go about your daily routine immediately, but some clients experience some minor swelling and redness which normally subsides within 48 hours.

After your first application you will return for the touch up procedure, this is where any un-eveness in healing will be fine tuned.


Once you’ve had your permanent cosmetic procedures, the colour will begin to fade gradually. The longevity of your result depends on a number of factors including medications, exposure to the sun and the rate at which your skin exfoliates.

On average the colour will remain visible for approximately 2-3 years, although you may have particles of pigment in the skin permanently.

A colour boost treatment is recomended approximately every 10-18 months to keep your colour looking fresh. This involves a single visit in most cases, although some clients may require a touch up on this procedure also. 

 2 hour treatment

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