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Glycolic Skin Peel


Glycolic/fruit peels are a safe, highly effective way to revitalise the skin and reduce the damage caused by ageing, free radicals and over exposure to the sun, amongst other things.  
There are many different types of skin peels and glycolic peels are superficial, which means they don't penetrate the skin so deep as to cause that vigorous and deep skin shedding.


Fruit acids are naturally derived from a variety of sources - commonly malic acid from apples and pears, citric acid from oranges and lemons, and tartaric acid from grapes.

Glycolic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) is frequently categorised as a fruit acid, but it is actually derived from sugarcane.  


When applied to the skin, the fruit acid penetrates and dissolves the bonds that hold dead skin cells together and stimulates the skin to form new, healthy skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and brighter.

A peel is effective for treating sunspots, reducing pigmentation fine lines and wrinkles and is a great treatment for active acne or acne scarring and diminishing large pores and blemishes.

Fruit peels have no recovery time and you will be able to resume your daily routine immediately (apart from being in direct sunshine for extended periods). If you require a deeper peel to treat stubborn symptoms, a stronger concentration of peel can be applied.

Results can be seen after just one treatment; depending on what is being treated, a course is recommended – approximately 6 (one per week).  Results can last up to 6 months and maintenance treatments are recommended for optimal and continued results.

Your skin may look a little pink and feel flushed for a short while afterwards, and this can be more obvious in people with fair skin. After a few days the dead skin cells lightly flake off, which is a normal part of the cell renewal process.  
Fruit peels can also be used on other body areas such as the back.

Depending on your current skin care regime and skin type, it is recommended to undergo the pre-skin peel treatment 1-2 weeks before your treatment commences; this can be discussed at your consultation.

Treatment time, 30 - 50 minutes

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